Xbat-C Self-Powered No- battery LED Bicycle Tail Light for Rim Brake Bikes C


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✔ SELF-POWERED BY AN INTERNAL DYNAMO: The dynamo contains a strong magnet. Changes in the magnetic field between the magnet and the spinning bike wheel/rim, without any physical contact, actuates the dynamo. So as long as you’re riding your bike, Xbat-C is on! Not only does it operate on the spinning motion, but it automatically turns on and off when the motion begins and stops. DOES NOT require any battery. Just install and go!

✔ INCREASE YOUR SAFETY: The high-powered output will increase your visibility to the vehicles around you in the dark. Visible 180 degrees, meaning the light is not only visible from the rear, but also sideways. Lumens is increased according to the speed of cycling. Can be upto 30 lm or more.

✔ EASY & FRUSTRATION FREE: 30-second simple installation with a hex key that comes with Xbat-C. Package also includes a user manual with links to online installation tutorials. It’s going to save you a whole lot of batteries. Without the hassle of battery replacements, you can put your mind on the maintenance of other bike parts. Bike lights are important, but they shouldn’t be a headache!

✔ GETS YOU COVERED ON THE ROAD: Water & Shockproof Aluminum Construction. Heavy rain is definitely not a problem for Xbat-C. Weighs only 1.16 ounces (33 grams)

✔WIN – WIN SITUATION: 100% Satisfaction guarantee or money back. No questions asked. 100% Lifetime warranty.

Xbat-C is designed for bikes with metal rim and rim brake system. Installation only takes 30 seconds. No contact to rim, no more dead batteries, and no extra power source required. Auto power on/off gives you no more hassle. Best tail light ever!

1. No batteries required and self-powered by an internal dynamo containing a strong magnet. The dynamo is actuated by changes in the magnetic field between the magnet and the bike rim.
2. Zero-friction and zero-resistance
3. Quiet
4. 100% waterproof
5. Easy installation
6. Auto on/off

Designed for 
Road bikes and city bikes with metal rims.
(An aluminum rim works best with Xbat-C since aluminum surpasses most metals in electrical conductivity)

Dimensions: 46mm*19mm*31mm (1.8in*0.74in*12.2in)
Weight: 33g(0.08lb)

Package includes
Xbat-C*1 (Dynamo weight: 16g, 4 LEDs)
Regular L-shaped bracket*1
Redesigned brake shoe bracket*1
Hex key*1
User manual

Installation steps
STEP 1. Use an elastic strap to hold the brake lever and make sure the brake pad is against the rim securely.
STEP 2. Loosen the bolt of brake shoe for a 2mm-3mm gap .
STEP 3. Insert Xbat-C in the gap. Please make sure the Xbat logo is on top and the upper edge of the Xbat-C is parallel to the upper edge of rim.
STEP 4. Adjust the Xbat-C to maintain a 1-2 mm gap from the surface of the rim.
STEP 5. Remove the strap . Gives it a few rotation tests and check if the Xbat-C impacts the rim during braking. Adjust if it does.

Adjustment notes
Use Allen key to loosen the bolt of the movement sensor and adjust the SPLS/movement sensor against bracket.


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