UTS Power Racing S Cycling Shoe




Stiffness provide direct power transfer. Make you a part of bike.


  • Full carbon fiber shoe – stiff for shoe outsole, tongue and heel cup.
  • Screw type closure system for easy tightening.
  • Dynamic heel adjustment system for better tightening the ankle.
  • Comfortable inner liner.

Shoe Part Detail:

One piece shoe body in carbon fiber including outsole, shoes upper, shoe tongue , toe cap, heel cup.

General cycling shoes: power transferring only down stroke 2:30 to 6:30 good with stiff sole at the bottom.

UTS carbon fiber cycling shoes: Down stroke, pull back and lift up are good with stiff sole, heel cup and shoe tongue in triangle shape covering 12 hours pedaling (all directions).

Shoe room space adjustment

1. Insole:
Default: no insole
If the toe cap area is roomy, add the personal insole in the shoe

2. Comfort tongue
Pad: It attaches below the carbon tongue with a Velcro strap
2.1 Default position: at the bottom of the carbon tongue
2.2 Move down or up the comfort tongue pad to adjust the room inside the shoe
2.3 In between carbon tongue and inner sidewall to create bigger room inside for foot upper

3. The lace adjustment: There are 2 laces to pull down the carbon tongue closer to the foot upper by tightening the screw type closure system. Either one (upper or lower) of the lace can be put in between the carbon tongue and the side wall for comfort adjustment.

4. Carbon tongue
The carbon tongue is very stiff
In order to push down the carbon tongue closer to the back of foot upper inside the shoe, press it downward with force when you tighten the lace at the side with screw closure system.

5. Screw type closure system:
Buckle up: release, the lace can be lose when it is pulled.
Buckle down: tighten, the lace can be fastened when the screw is turned backward.

6. Dynamic heel cup adjustment pad
The heel cup is dynamically adjustable to tighten the heel closer than normal shoe cup.

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