ZENO SpeedLink Hydraulic quick connector Maintenance/Replacement Kit


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  • Fits most of the products and brands on the market
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Reusable
  • No need for special tools
  • Easy cable installation

Product Description

Advantages for repair shops

  • Fits most of the products on the market — reduction in parts of various sizes in the storage
  • Quick installation and removal — easier maintenance, faster services for customers
  • Easy cable installation — making cable installation possible from either end of the brake system, while installation usually starts from brake shoes toward levers for most other brake systems.

Advantages for customers

  • Fits most of the products on the market — save you the trouble of matching the sizes
  • No special tools required — a 10mm wrench is all you need
  • Reusable — cutting down on unnecessary waste
  • Most hydraulic olives are meant for one-time use. With each disassembling of the hydraulic hose, the olives should be replaced and the hose should be cut shorter by 3~5 cm every time. The hose will become too short after repeating this procedure 3 times and you will need a new one before going over the painful cable installation again.   

Additional information

Package includes

M8 SpeedLink Supplementary pack (SLP-A)*20 pcs,
Banjo adaptor supplementary pack (SLP-B)*20 pcs,
M6 adaptor supplementary pack (SLP-C)*20 pcs,
Formula lever adaptor supplementary pack (SLP-D)*20 pcs,
Magura MT lever supplementary pack (SLP-E)*10 pcs,
2 Side Extend adaptor supplementary pack(SLP-F)*20 pcs,
Seal washer supplementary pack (SLP-G)*20 pcs,
Plastic box include


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