ZERO REACTION Premium Disc Brake Rotor




Automatic Adjusting
Make the brake pads always perfect griping on rotor, and friction area much increased which provide stable braking force and make control accurate.

Strengthen Structure
The AI frame design and reaction design make torque directly and completely transmit to bicycle which reduce the deformation of rotor and make better durability.

Decreasing Heat Damage
Rotor does high heating when bicycle moving.The new design offering controlled tolerance preventing the structural damage by heat.

What is Floating Rotor?

Floating rotor is kind of design which allow rotor able to have limited axial motion.
Compare with tradition rotor which is just single steel plate and 2 pcs rotor on market which have no movement possibility.
The Floating functional rotor able to offer better and stable braking power.
In aggressive riding the floating design can make the braking control become more accurate.

Why Need Floating Rotor and How It Works?

Whether it is hydraulicor mechanical discs brake, the brakes are pushed through the pistons to make the discs have the effect of braking.
Due to the inevitable tolerances in the manufacturing process of the brake system and the operating temperature during braking, the caliper piston cannot be actuated as expected.
In fact, all the opposing pistons can’t do equivalent motion, which leads to some problems.

First, the brake system cannot provide a stable maximum braking force.
Due to the unequal piston actuation, the yaw of the disc will inevitably occur when braking, so the sheet cannot provide the braking force with the maximum braking area, and the floating design can automatically adjust the disc to the piston. Every time you brake, you can be the perfect grip.

Second, the rapid consumption of the brake pads and rotor.
In an ideal state, the brake pads will be held in parallel and evenly on the disc, but in fact it is not. Usually, the brake pads will come into contact with the disc with slight angular differences. These angular differences result in uneven consumption of the disc and the film, which shortens the service life of both. The floating design can automatically cooperate with the film to reduce the abnormal consumption of the two.

Third, thermal deformation.
The brake system provides braking force by means of friction to convert kinetic energy into heat. Therefore, the brake system will be in a high temperature for a long time, and the floating design also provides a limited deformation space.

Design Feature

Better floating function.
  • More Sensitive and improving braking force.
  • With a special buckle design, the lifting disc can be used for a limited amount of axial movement at the same time. Unlike ordinary rotor, it can not be moved. This improvement can greatly enhance the rotor to fit the brake pads when it is braked. More superior and stable output braking force.
More efficient torque conduction
  • Improve Braking force, And better Durability
  • The special disc inner frame and rivetless design enable the braking force to be conveyed more directly and completely to the vehicle body, while reducing the deformation of the traditional floating disc rivet due to prolonged pressure during braking.
Decreasing heat damage
  • Promote safety for long time brake
  • Due to the high temperature of the disc riding, the problem of thermal deformation is extended, and the new type of clasp design increases the tolerance of thermal deformation, and also reduces the structural damage caused by high temperature. The rotor inner frame uses an aluminum alloy with excellent heat dissipation to prevent heat from being directly transmitted to the inside of the axle

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