You got an idea, that’s good.

Before filing a patent, you need to know something first…

FACTS about having a patent…

  1. More than 20,000 new patents are published per day in the whole world.
  2. More than 80% of patentees lose their cases in court.

These facts reflect one might not able to get a patent for the new idea since there has too many patent prior arts, but a proper patent search is a must if one is trying to make the idea a reality.

Why? (we create a new way to search)

What inventors faced while performing patent searching is massive data, it’s hard to do it right (lowest risk) under limited time resources as shown in the below figure


We believed, there is a way optimized that inventors get the lowest risk with acceptable time (money) spent.

How ? (we make it a change!)

We created software robot to analyze and organize massive patent data into a matrix, thus inventors may access vital prior arts without search skills required.

Matrixy provides all search combinations and AI screen tools, thus inventors just need to check and update to get latest vital patent prior arts map in seconds.


What? (Matrixy provided is the best time currency ever…)

Matrixy sell your One hour back with One cent.

Save your time & money now.

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