pinkbike – Taipei Cycle Show 2018

Zeno’s booth was about 2ft by 2ft square, but it was full of colorful and clever brake solutions, including their reusable steel SpeedLink fittings that do away with the disposable olive and barb setup that’s found on pretty much every brand’s stoppers. They also had their Reaction floating rotor that uses a leaf-spring connection to allow the braking surface to, well, float. At the center is an aluminum carrier, and a small, flat steel spring sandwiches the outer section of the rotor up against the aluminum carrier, thereby allowing it to easily be pushed to one side by whichever brake pad makes contact first. 

Zeno says that this really helps when one piston isn’t moving quite as well as the other, which is pretty common, and that it provides a firmer, more positive feel. I haven’t the faintest clue if it works well or if it’s different just to be different, but it is a neat idea.

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